Day Camp

Day camps are a great option for the busy parent during the summer months and half terms. Usually they offer a mix of different sports and arts and crafts although there are also specialty and skill building day camps.

Day camps are found worldwide. They are a perfect solution if you are holidaying abroad and want something to keep the children entertained and happy. Day camps are also a way to expose younger children to the idea of “camp” in preparation for sleepaway camp. Many sleepaway camps offer a day camp as a parallel program.

Day camps usually run in age from 4 to 16, can be single sex or coed. Usually they are booked on a weekly basis but some are available on a per day rate. Many day camps are located on school campuses, although others are dedicated day camp facilities. Most employ a mix of qualified teachers, coaches and recent university graduates. Some will also have university students as counselors.

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